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Who We are?

Nutramarck literally means “nutrition with hallmark quality”….


We are passionate about making healthy products

When you purchase one of our products, rest assured that we know you bought….


We Love & Believe In What We Do

We are passionate about what we do, and enjoy it so much, that our work is more like….



We are a Research & Technology-Driven, Multi-Channel Company Building Brands

Our innovative products, developed in-house, ensure the highest quality and most effective….

How We Do It?

Brand Development

NutraMarck’s in-house brand development team lays the foundation for our business. Through the creation of cutting-edge products that meet rigorous quality and safety standards, we have developed a loyal customer base that enables us to continue formulating effective products that drive product growth.


Our product developers are first and foremost innovators, constantly seeking to improve and expand upon our existing product lines and be first to market with new, advanced formulations. The product development process begins with intensive industry research. We aim to create unique solutions that fill needs that aren’t met by other products on the market.




Our scientists research hundreds of natural ingredients for each new product, delving into studies and….


Customer Satisfaction Policy - Referral Program

For each of our brands, we work to understand the goals of our customers and develop products to help them reach those goals safely and effectively. We invest significant resources in producing the highest quality products we can so that our customers can see the most life-improving results. Learn More


At NutraMarck, technology is our advantage. Our business is unique, and requires cutting-edge technology to operate. We don’t allow our workflow to be limited by our technology; we adjust our technology to meet the needs of our growing business, building tools and reports that facilitate virtually everything we do.


At NutraMarck, we’re committed to ensuring that our customer and our retail partners have the best experience possible with our company and our products. This means getting the logistics right from development to delivery. Our supply chain team works to manage every step in the process so that the highest quality products get to the right place at the right time, every time.



Ingredient Sourcing

With advanced formulations for unique products, our supply chain team works to source hundreds of natural ingredients from around the world. We test our ingredients for quality to ensure that only the best ingredients make it into the formulations for our products.

Product Manufactruing

We work with multiple third-party partners in the United States & India to manufacture our premium health and wellness products to the highest standards. We work with our sourcing partners to ensure that we have everything we need to make our products available to customers at all times.


Our supply chain team manages our relationship with a third-party fulfillment center that handles everything from single unit shipments to Bulk orders with nationwide distribution. We coordinate with our sourcing and manufacturing partners to keep our products in stock at the fulfillment center, so our partners can receive the products they need on time.

Direct To Consumer

Extensive digital advertising campaigns and sampling and seeding programs drive sales online, but they also build brand recognition that is vital to the efforts of our sales team inincreasing our presence offline.

Retail & Wholesale

NutraMarck products are now available at more than 400 retail locations across India, and the number keeps increasing.


We do our best to help customers find a way to experience the full benefits of our products. Our team is trained in the proper usage of every product, and can help customers identify anything that might be…Learn More


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Our Approach

We started with one goal in mind: bring you the very best in health and wellness products. We specialize in making the purest, most effective supplements available. Every Nutramarck product is designed to keep your body functioning at max levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote healthy living through research, science and innovation.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simply PURE NUTRITION – the best of natural ingredients for optimum digestion, well being and performance.

Our Inspiration

We have taken inspiration from the father of medicine, Hippocrates quote “Let food be thy medicine”