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Private Label & PCD

Why do PCD, When you can have your own brands with our very small batch size "Private Label Manufacturing"

We offer 3rd Party & Private Label Manufacturing as well as PCD on Monopoly basis.

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We Offer A Proactive 360º Support

We know that you need a reliable, competent partner you can trust when operating in the field of pharmaceutical, ayurveda and nutraceutical health products.

3rd party manufacturing

We are a full-service contract manufacturer of private label dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products offering our clients extensive expertise in nutraceutical formulation and manufacturing.

As your trusted dietary supplement contract manufacturer, we provide a wide range of standard formulations. A NutraMarck hallmark is our expert knowledge and experience in developing and producing customized product concepts according to our clients’ needs.

From idea to proof of concept

We can assist your nutraceutical or pharmaceutical company when you need to move from idea to complete formulation and manufacturing of your tailored health product.

We support developing market-winning product concepts in all blockbuster categories, including eye health, beauty aids, bone and joint health, and more.

From concept to market

When your concept is finalized and tested, we have extensive internal expertise and experience to seamlessly transfer your product to full-scale production and into shelf-ready product.

We will assist you in making your idea into a best-selling pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product that will stand out in the market place.

    Key 360° services

  • Complete project management
  • Research and product concept development
  • Unparalleled formulations
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Premium quality assurance
  • Technical and regulatory support
  • Packaging solutions
  • Turnkey supply chain
  • Marketing and trend assistance 

Great packaging turns heads and sells products

Packaging is all about presentation, protection and stability. With the experts in our packaging team, we help you try out and choose the ideal packaging solution, undertaking appropriate quality control processes to ensure smooth transition from development to production stage.

Our outstanding packaging solutions allow us to offer you various options, like high protection blisters, a wide range of bottles, film bags, pouches and powder sticks. Once the final packaging solution is chosen, we process your artwork and organize details like cartons and labels.

We help you identifying market gaps and consumer needs as well as developing customized winning product concept.

If you would like to know more about our solutions, and how we can support your business, spend an hour with us – it will be well worth it.

We always strive to establish a production environment suitable for your needs.

As a dedicated private label manufacturer, we have a strict focus on quality in our operation. In our ongoing efforts to achieve minimal oxidation, the oil and fill materials are constantly flushed with nitrogen or argon gas to displace oxygen, which minimizes any risk for oxidation. Every finished product batch is analysed for the same oxidation parameters as the raw oil. This is not required, but we do it to ensure the highest possible quality in our products.

We only use state-of- the-art production technologies – and many of our progressive formulas are proven successfully in many markets. All our products comply with, and exceed, the strictest regulatory standards for the manufacturing of dietary supplements.

  • Highest quality manufacturing – GMP & ISO standard
  • Specialized production processes
  • Adaptable bulk formats – Flexible batch sizes
  • Quick response to additional batch need